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Seerah Company is your trusted provider of premium employment solutions in Saudi Arabia. We specialize in delivering skilled labor and professional services across diverse industries, meeting the dynamic needs of the market with unparalleled expertise.

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Join hands with Seerah Company to unlock the full potential of your business in Saudi Arabia. Whether you need skilled labor, outsourcing, operation and maintenance, or cleaning services, we have the expertise to meet your requirements.


Our commitment to excellence ensures the highest standards of service delivery.


Count on us for dependable manpower solutions tailored to Saudi Arabia's business landscape.


Access our extensive talent pool to find the right professionals for your industry.


Stay ahead with our innovative solutions designed to drive efficiency and growth in the Saudi market.

Our Latest Works

Tourism & Entertainment Sector

Cafe & Restaurant Sector

Logistics & Supply Chain Sectors

Construction & Infra-Structure Sectors


Committed To Keep People Healthy & Safe

We are confident in our ability to offer the services and support required to assist you in achieving your business objectives.

We Follow Best Practices

We adhere to industry best practices to ensure optimal project outcomes and client satisfaction. Our commitment to excellence drives every aspect of our work.


Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

We provide the trained staff of both genders and all nationalities for Hotel & Resorts including, Cleaners, Housekeeping, Maintenance Staff, Catering, Waiters & Barista.



We provide the trained staff of both genders and all nationalities for Hotel & all kind of Restaurants and cafes including Chef, Chef Helper, Kitchen helper, Barista, Bartender & Cleaners.

Civil mechanical

Civil mechanical

We provide the trained technical staff of all nationalities for Construction and Infra structure work of Buildings, offices, Shopping malls, Houses, Roads, Transport stations & Airports including mechanical and electrical technicians, Communications engineers, Elevator technicians, Fire and alarm systems, Painters and Decorators.



We provide the trained staff of both genders and all nationalities for Hospitals including Operation, Maintenance & Cleaning services for Hospitals, Clinical labs and Pharmacies.

Medical n paramedics

Medical n paramedics

We provide the trained staff of both genders and all nationalities for amusement parks including operating and maintenance and cleaning services.

Faculty management

Facility management

We provide the trained staff of both genders and all nationalities for universities including operating & maintenance, cleaning and catering services.


Abdul Khaliq
Our success is built on strong relationships with our clients and partners. We are grateful for your trust and support, and we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and collaboration. Your feedback and insights are invaluable as we strive to continuously improve and innovate.
As the Chairman of Seerah Company, I am honored to share with you our journey, our achievements, and our vision for the future. At Seerah Company, our core mission is to ensure the smooth, efficient, and reliable operation and maintenance of essential facilities and infrastructure. Our commitment to excellence, safety, and innovation drives us to continually exceed expectations and set new standards in our industry.

With the development and growth nowadays in Saudi Arabia, it becomes in need for expert and trained hands to carry out the renaissance of the kingdom. And from here, it was necessary to establish a specialized company in providing this professional manpower, and we called it Seerah for employment, maintenance and cleaning. And it is Saudi national company established to meet the market need for skilled labors and we strive to outperform our competitors because we are keen to apply national and international standards to achieve distinguish, excellence and uniqueness in our field.

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